The US House of Representatives Votes to Remove Confederate flags from VA Cemeteries

A bipartisan 265-164 vote of the US House of Representatives, eighty-four Republicans joined almost all the Democrats in proposing to ban the confederate flag from mass display in all Veterans Administration cemeteries. The bill, which still needs to pass the Senate, would allow small, individual flags on individual graves but would not allow confederate flags on flagpoles or large confederate flags displayed in those cemeteries. The small flags would be allowed on Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day only. See stories here, here, here, here, here, and here. If it becomes law, it would affect 134 National Cemeteries in 40 states and Puerto Rico, and 33 Soldiers’ lots and monument sites.

The Washington Post claims this is evidence the US is ending its relationship with the confederate flag. ” ‘Over 150 years ago, slavery was abolished,’ said Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) who proposed the amendment. ‘Why in the year 2016 are we still condoning displays of this hateful symbol on our sacred national cemeteries?’ ”

While 84 Republicans supported the measure, 159 voted against it, setting it up as a probable issue in this year’s election cycle. While the Senate remains a major hurdle for the bill, as the Post story tells us, the House is generally seen as being more reflective of the nation’s popular mood. If that’s the case, the Post may be correct in predicting the end of our nation’s affair with the white supremacist rag.



  1. bob carey · · Reply

    A good first step. It always bothered me that Confederate veterans were placed on equal footing with the men who fought for the United States. I realize that the rank and file of the Confederate armies fought bravely and skillfully, but they were traitors nonetheless. To allow the CBF to be flown at National Cemeteries is an insult to the Union soldier, both black and white, who fought as bravely and skillfully as their Confederate counterpart.

  2. Neither the “rag” of a failed slave-owning nation or the “Stars and Stripes” are going away. The House of Representatives was more representative of the people when representing the people with more granularity. 1 Rep/73,000 instead of the 1/770,000 there are today. The U.S. is a clear failure of democratic self-rule; Why get so worked up about either “rag”.
    The U. S. Civil War killed more in the U.S. than ANY war and was the only fight involving morals.
    Slavery is immoral today whether this is $X/hr slavery or other form of corporate slavery?

    1. The white supremacist rag is certainly going away from official display on government property. No one is suggesting its complete disappearance from museums, reenactments, or from individuals displaying it as an expression of speech. The US is clearly not a failure of a democratic republican form of self-rule. That’s a wacko view of things. Equating low wages with chattel slavery is a misunderstanding of both.

      1. Sorry, but letting scores of vocal white supremacists tarnish a “rag” many soldiers died defending is like considering the ONLY use of nuclear bombs ever an act of white supremacy tarnishing the “Stars and Stripes rag”. [Modern politics edited]
        Trying to draw a distinction between slavery and wage earning is attempting to further manifest confusion. [Modern politics edited] The 13th Amendment wholly insulates discrimination of services rendered from ALL human rights laws. [Modern politics edited]
        The Confederate flag will ALWAYS remain on government property because there are millions who believe the Civil War was about protecting State rights more than slavery. (WRONG) Several hundred thousand soldiers probably died believing this HOAX just like every US soldier since who ever died believing they were defending democracy. (more WRONG)
        Representational democracy is NOT self-rule and has not been self-rule for hundreds of years. Use of the adjective [sic] “wacko” to describe an objective and factually superior description of this failed nation does not lend any authority to diagnose misunderstanding. I am not crazy but admit it is an unusual view to describe America as the regime that overthrew the U.S. self-rule failure without firing one shot.
        I suggest complete removal of the Confederate flag from museums and ceasing all Civil War re-enactments. A website iisting the GPS of any display of the dishonorable “rag” as an expression of speech will make the dishonorable “rag” a badge of shame the entire Confederacy was whether realized at the time or not.

        1. Let me just say that I’m sure you believe what you’re saying, but you’re really coming across as a loon. Why don’t you just confine yourself to the subject of the post and stay away from your rather unique views of modern American politics.

          1. Sorry. I will

          2. Thank you. It’s much better to confine our remarks to the posts and their issues rather than bringing in personal beliefs about our current political system. As the saying goes, avoid discussing religion and politics.

  3. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

    Quote: I suggest complete removal of the Confederate flag from museums and ceasing all Civil War re-enactments.

    Whew. THAT was a LONG and winding road to make a point.

    As it has been already mentioned: Getting this through the Senate is going to be a more difficult than the House. The anniversary of the SC shooting is upon us, so sentiment will be in favour of removing the flags at least in the near future.

  4. I’d personally rather see it gone. But I know its a touchy subject for people who lost ancestors on the confederacy’s side. I prefer to make a distinction between “support” of the confederacy and “acknowledgement” of it. When I drive around Virginia and see a confederacy sticker on someone’s car, I see that as support not acknowledgement. I guess I view it as similar to the nazi flag. Its not necessary for German heritage anymore than the confed flag is for US heritage. Acknowledgement is not the same as support which is why I think allowing it to be on individual graves is the correct choice. opinionated as it may be.

    I’m just going to have to let democracy do what it does best and let the majority decide for themselves.

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