Alabama Secretary Of State Says Confederates Fought For A ‘Special’ Way Of Life

This article tells us about a recent piece of neoconfederate public stupidity.

Alabama’s Secretary of State, John Merrill, in talking about calls to remove confederate symbology from government buildings, said, “The next question that has to be asked is so what’s the next thing you are going to do? Are you going to take a bulldozer to the monument and forget what people fought for to preserve a way of life that makes us special and unique?”

That way of life, of course, was based on enslavement of what they regarded as an inferior race.

Merrill claims, “the ‘way of life’ he celebrates is based on Confederate soldiers’ independent spirit, not their advocacy for slavery.”

In explaining his view, Merrill said, “When we have things happen in our state, we don’t rely on the federal government to come take care of us. We take care of ourselves. For example, after the tornadoes in 2011, or after the massive flooding we had. That’s who we are. That’s who these people were. I’m proud of that.”

Alabama is ninth most reliant on Federal aid of all the fifty states. “As for the 2011 tornado damage Merrill mentioned, an auditor recently found that the state improperly received about $1.2 million in federal aid that it now must pay back.”

And, of course, Alabama prior to the Civil War was built on the backs of enslaved people, which was how the slave owners “took care of themselves.”

This is another example of how neoconfederates, especially neoconfederate politicians, can never be trusted to give an accurate view of history. He tries to minimize the impact of slavery and ends up looking like a fool because in grasping at straws he neglects basic facts. Alabama is dependent on Federal aid. Merrill claims they don’t rely on the Federal government, but they do. They can’t survive without it.

The confederacy, as we know, existed to protect and perpetuate the institution of slavery based on white supremacy. That’s why “In Alabama and across the country, people have been demonstrating against the continued state display of Confederate memorials and flags. At a protest in DC in September, a group of students of color told ThinkProgress they feel ‘genuinely afraid”’ when they encounter such symbols. ‘I feel scared when I see it,’ said Winter Brooks, an African-American student at American University. ‘It’s a symbol of hate, of pro-slavery, anti-blackness, anti-minorities. It’s frightening.’ “



  1. Scott Ledridge · · Reply

    “Are you going to take a bulldozer to the monument and forget what people fought for to preserve a way of life that makes us special and unique?” – You’d think he was talking about the Founders. Unfortunately, in his mind, I’m sure he is.

  2. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

    When a certain presidential candidate persisted, I attributed his success due to the support of a bunch of angry old white dudes facing extinction. I used to believe that confederate heritage groups were compiled of the same membership, thus, would die of natural causes. However, when I look in the news, or at the current crop of blithering idiots espousing the merits of hate symbols (or “that special way of life”), I cannot help but notice that they are young. My theory is shot, and I just don’t understand where this mindset comes from in this day and age. However, based on this and other articles I have read, one requirement appears to be that of a low IQ.

    1. bob carey · · Reply

      I don’t think it’s a matter of IQ. I believe its a matter of education on the primary level, these young students have very little instruction in what my generation calls social studies. This lack of instruction resulted in a majority of the under 40 generation who have scant knowledge on how government and our democracy actually functions. Politicians today take advantage of this by using fear as a motivating factor to get elected. In this case the Secretary of State for Alabama is using the proposed removal of Confederate symbols as an example of what the people who oppose his views have in store for his supporters, and that is changing their customs and lifestyle. I doubt very much if he really cares about the monuments he is just using the issue to forward his own agenda.

      1. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

        I appreciate your insight, Mr. Carey. I sort of backed into the whole confederate heritage psychodrama as a byproduct of studying the Civil War with the assistance of blogs and forums. Attempting to formulate theories and understanding about this nonsense has been tantamount to throwing wet toilet paper at the wall and seeing what sticks. There is a lot of debris, and very few answers. I agree with your observation about fear, as it supports my other theory that fear has now replaced respect in popular culture at large.

        1. bob carey · · Reply

          I agree that there is a definite lack of respect in today’s popular culture, but playing the fear factor is nothing new in politics, for example, the fear of Black equality was used extensively during the presidential campaign of 1860. FDR had it right when he talked about fear in his first Inaugural.

          1. Shoshana Bee · ·

            “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

            Yes. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Thanks for sharing the lunacy, it is hard to keep up with it all! I am proud to be a Virginian, Southern by birth and ancestry, but my God, these people are such an embarrassment to what I consider the integrity being a Southerner demands. We will never heal, never fix it when so many people still lack the capacity to even face it. I guess for some, the truth hurts too much.

  4. Thought you might be interested in this response to your blog post. Personally I wouldn’t mind if you destroyed him.


    1. Please see #8 in the Rules for Comments. Sorry, but I have zero interest in what the idiot George Perverse has to say.

      1. Apologies about the rule. I didn’t know. Permit me to provide some context.

        I actually heard you say before that you don’t do “blog wars” so I already knew you wouldn’t take any action, and I honestly wouldn’t have said anything at all if it werent for the fact that its directly addressing your own post. So more than anything it was just to let you know…But perhaps he does it all the time so you are used to it? Anyways, my statement “I wouldn’t mind if you…” was purely hypothetical since I knew you wouldn’t but it was still a true statement haha, i wouldnt mind if you did.

        1. No problem. Georgie has a creepy obsession with me as well as his delusions of adequacy.

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