Robert E. Lee and Virginia

Here’s Professor James I. Robertson, Jr. speaking on Robert E. Lee and his connections to Virginia. The video’s description reads, “James ‘Bud’ Robertson talks about Robert E. Lee’s ties to Virginia and the various military campaigns throughout the state during the Civil War. He also compared General Lee’s life after the war to other generals and veterans. During the question and answer period, Mr. Robertson discussed his role in both the centennial and sesquicentennial anniversaries of the Civil War.”

I suppose eventually every student must find something a beloved teacher says with which they profoundly disagree. In this case, I disagree with what Professor Robertson says about the confederate flag at the beginning of the lecture. I think he’s approaching the subject emotionally, feeling the connection to his own confederate ancestors, instead of viewing the flag through the lens of history.



  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    I don’t object to his comments on the CBF. It’s what I would expect from a man of the South. What I object to in this presentation (and to be honest many of the others you have recommended lately) is that there is nothing new. Are there no new ideas to be put forth in the field, no new insights, no tantalizing secrets? This was a really boring lecture. I never once thought to myself, “Wow” or “I didn’t know that” or “Hmmmm, hadn’t thought of it that way.”

    1. Perhaps you should prepare your own presentation and fill it with all new ideas and insights, then. Or, even better, perhaps new ideas and insights aren’t things you can just come up with when you’re asked to give a presentation on a specific topic. Sometimes you just give a presentation giving the facts as they are currently known.

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