Monthly Archives: April 2016

To Be Free, a Citizen, and a Voter

Here’s Christy Coleman, founding co-CEO of the American Civil War Museum, giving a really good lecture on the Reconstruction Amendments and what it means to be a citizen and a voter. The video’s description reads, “The passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments forever changed American society. Museum Co-CEO Christy Coleman explores the social […]

WPT University Place: Civil War Aftermaths: Wisconsin Union Veterans

Here’s Professor James Marten of Marquette University discussing the issues Union veterans faced after the Civil War, focusing on Wisconsin veterans. The video’s description reads, “James Marten, Professor and Chair, Department of History, Marquette University, discusses issues that plagued Civil War veterans upon their return to civilian life in Wisconsin. Marten delves into medical, financial, […]

2016 Bridgewater College Civil War Institute

On Saturday, April 16, I attended the 2016 Bridgewater College Civil War Institute in Bridgewater, Virginia. It was another excellent program. The symposium’s theme was “Civil War Memory and Memorialization.” The program kicked off with Professor Peter Wallenstein, Professor of History at Virginia Tech. He spoke on “Remembering Reconstruction–And All the Ways It Never Was.” […]

James Weldon Johnson Institute: Confederate Heritage & Black History in Tension

This is a pretty good panel discussion held at Emory University. There’s a bit of “inside baseball” among the historians, and there were a couple historical hiccups, such as none of the panelists knowing what the Stonewall Jackson Shrine was. Parenthetically, props to historian John Hennessy for prophetically questioning whether the Stonewall Jackson Shrine would […]

Vicksburg Animated Map

The Civil War Trust recently announced they’ve completed work on their animated map of the Battle of Vicksburg. You can access it here. These are excellent tools for us students of the war.

Interview With Professor Gary Gallagher

Here’s Professor Gary Gallagher making an appearance on the Coy Barefoot Show, which is a local Charlottesville, VA talk show. This is an excellent interview in which Professor Gallagher reiterates a number of points he’s made other places and talks about his opinion regarding what should be done with confederate monuments. Hat tip to Kevin […]

Panel Discussion on Abraham Lincoln

This is a decent panel discussion held at the end of the Abraham Lincoln Institute/Ford’s Theatre Symposium at Ford’s Theatre on March 19, 2016. The video’s description reads, “Speakers at the 19th annual Abraham Lincoln Symposium participated in a panel discussion about the life and legacy of the 16th president. They also responded to questions and […]