Lincoln and the Fort Sumter Crisis

Here’s one of my favorite historians, Prof. Craig Symonds, Professor of History Emeritus at the United States Naval Academy, on Lincoln and the Fort Sumter Crisis. Craig is a Navy guy, but we forgive him for that. 😉

He’s an outstanding lecturer.

The video’s description reads, “When Abraham Lincoln took office in 1861, he admitted that he knew ‘little about ships.’ Yet the first military crisis he faced prior to the start of the Civil War occurred in the Charleston Harbor at Fort Sumter. Historian Craig Symonds spoke about events leading up to the firing of the first shot. He showed slides during his presentation and responded to questions from members of the audience afterward. ‘Lincoln and the Ft. Sumter Crisis’ was a presentation of the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia and the National Archives in the McGowan Theater.”


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