Shiloh Animated Map

In honor of the 154th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh, here’s the animated map of the battle from the Civil War Trust.



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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Great video. Does the Civil War Trust have others dealing with other battles? Shiloh is my favorite battlefield. I have walked most of it and have visited it more times (3) than any other battlefield. My gguncle Conrad Meinert fought there in the 46th Illinois. And it hasn’t changed much at all since 1862 except for the closure of some roads and the construction of other new ones. It was the first really big battle of the war and at the time the largest battle on the continent. During the first year of the CW, there were lots of fights — Wilson’s Creek, 1st Manassas, Forts Henry and Donelson to name a few —- and thousands of soldiers had been killed/wounded. But nothing on the order of Shiloh. The sheer volume of casualties was staggering, something like 3,500 killed and 16,500 wounded. People in the North and the South were absolutely shocked. As Wiley Sword put it, “To an unsuspecting nation the news of Shiloh was like a thunderbolt.” Northern papers called it “the Waterloo of America.”

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