How do the myths about Sherman’s March line up with the historical realities?

Here’s a short interview between Katie Brackett Fialka of The Civil War Monitor and Professor Anne Sarah Rubin of the University of Maryland Baltimore County. It’s a really good use of nine minutes of your time.



  1. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Rubin’s presentation on The House Divided Project, and this interview reminded me how refreshing it is to have a rising star, contemporary historian give a new look at an old topic. I would have loved to have seen Dr. Rubin sit in on the Sherman lecture that Professors McPherson & Marszalek did a while back.

  2. bob carey · · Reply

    I’m glad that you brought up this topic.
    Although Sherman wasn’t a saint by any means he was not the evil that the Neo-confederates make him out to be. I believe that the real crimes committed during this period of the war were done by the Confederate leadership. In a military sense any bloodshed done after the Battle of Nashville falls squarely on the shoulders on the Confederates,and taking it a step further, in a political sense the same would apply after the re-election of Lincoln. Let’s remember that the Confederacy could have given up the fight anytime and I don’t think that they had any reasonable expectation of victory by late 1864.

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