What I Saw of the Rally: A Few Observations from the Confederate Flag Protests

Here’s a perspective by Jeff Lauck, a student at Gettysburg College and someone who was at the Gettysburg confederate flag protest from its beginning. This is good information to supplement what I saw when I arrived an hour after it started. Jeff makes some good observations and has some really good, thoughtful reflections on the protest.

The Gettysburg Compiler

By Jeff Lauck ’18

The normally quiet town of Gettysburg was once more disrupted by battle when two groups of protesters went head-to-head over the memory of the Confederate flag. Since the tumult and confusion of that fateful Saturday two weeks ago, many have weighed in on the day’s events with varying degrees of accuracy and distorted perceptions of reality. The following is my account.

I first heard about the pro-flag rally a couple months ago when the Gettysburg chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans received a permit to protest on the Gettysburg National Military Park grounds. I did not think much of it, mostly because my spring break was scheduled to begin the day before the rally. About a week later, I learned that there would be a counter protest against the Confederate flag. This seemed a worthy reason to push back my spring break plans by one…

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