A Lecture on the Slave Trade

Here’s Professor Marcus Rediker of the University of Pittsburgh giving an absolutely fantastic lecture on the Atlantic Slave Trade.

The video’s description tells us, “History professor Marcus Rediker lectured during a course on Colonial America at the University of Pittsburgh. He talked about the origins of the slave trade to the Americas between 1640 and the early 1800s. The lecture was held in the ‘English Classroom’ of the Cathedral of Learning, a historic landmark on the university campus.”




  1. bob carey · · Reply

    Very informative and enlightening lecture. Prof. Rediker spares no punches in his descriptions. Particularly interesting was his description of American culture in that it is a combination of the three cultures of European, African and Native American. Our neo-confederate friends should keep this in mind when the talk about their self described uniqueness.

    1. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

      I also liked that as professor Rediker quotes from others, he admonishes us not to indulge in the luxury of distancing ourselves from the human tragedy of slavery by wallowing about in the abstract with our charts, maps and statistics. The Professor holds slavery before us in all of its treacherous brutality. In another video, Professor James Robertson also cautions of spending too much time on statistics, and forgetting the human aspect of history. I believe this is a valuable lesson to remember.

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