Sherman’s March Through the Carolinas

Here’s a discussion with James M. McPherson and John Marszalek moderated by Harold Holzer on William T. Sherman’s march through Georgia to the Sea and north through the Carolinas.

It’s a pretty good discussion, though it could have used Anne Sarah Rubin as part of the discussion to add the most current scholarship.


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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    A couple of comments/corrections. Joyce Hall (in a question at about 45:00) puts Camden, NC in the western part of the state and tells the group that her great grandmother told her about Union soldiers “coming through Camden.” She didn’t say anything about “burning Camden” or “sacking Camden,” merely that Federals “came through Camden.” Actually, Camden is an unincorporated area in eastern North Carolina fairly close to the Virginia border near Elizabeth City. No doubt thousands of Federal troops did pass through the area — on their way back to Washington after Joseph Johnston surrendered.

    And then there is John Marszalek’s comment dismissing the stories of Masons helping other Masons, protecting their property & etc. True, Sherman was not a Mason. But thousands of officers and enlisted men on both sides were and there are countless documented accounts of Masons helping other Masons, even those fighting for the “other” side. Did you know that there were actually Masonic hospitals between the lines that cared for brother Masons regardless of what uniform they wore? There are several good books on this topic, the best IMO being Allen Roberts’ “House Undivided” and Michael Halleran’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature.”

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