Flagging Support

There are a few developments on the confederate flag front.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are planning a day for the symbol of racial oppression in Gettysburg. Gary Casteel, the sculptor responsible for the statue of James Longstreet on a carousel horse at the Gettysburg National Military Park, is a member of the group and is apparently their spokesperson for this event. “The Confederate flag is nothing more than a piece of cloth that represented a nation of its day, that’s it,” Casteel said. Apparently he never heard of this:

There's a reason why these hooded clowns tend to wave the Confederate flag: they know its history. 4048-1125 BE026043-e1320680748250 Census Negroes



It’s quite a lot more.

“To those who oppose display of the Confederate flag and see it as a symbol of hate and racism, Casteel said ‘Do your research.’ ” Research done, the fact that it’s a symbol of hate and racism is confirmed. The group has requested to hold their celebration of the symbol of hate and racism on the battlefield at Gettysburg. So far no decision has been made.

The idea has been rightly called “A holiday from reason.”

“The Sons of the Confederate Veterans tells those who oppose the Confederate flag to ‘learn their history,’ but their own sense of history appears selective. The flag isn’t just a symbol of states’ rights, or modern-day opposition to the federal government. Those who originally fought under it fought, in part, to defend the institution of slavery. The flag, historically, has been a symbol used by the Ku Klux Klan and the pro-segregationist Dixiecrats political party. It is a persistent presence in the imagery of white supremacists including accused Charlotte church gunman Dylann Roof.”

In Virginia, the Virginia Flaggers placed another marker to their failure to prevent flags from being removed. This is in Prince George’s County on I-95 by Mile Marker 40. So is this another case of spreading love for the flag? Hardly. It’s placement is accurately termed, “In your face.” “It’s also smack dab in the middle of a small, largely African-American neighborhood. One 82-year-old resident thought the Ku Klux Klan had arrived when the flag went up with cannon fire – without warning to her – last Saturday. She called police. Finding out that it was put up by a southern heritage group didn’t ease her feelings. ‘We’ve never had anything in the area like that,’ she said. ‘I don’t want it in this neighborhood.’ ” As usual, the flaggers show they’re simply a hate group wannabe.

This past Friday I attended a lecture on Robert E. Lee after the war Professor Robertson gave in Fredericksburg. After the lecture someone in the audience asked him about displays of the confederate flag:


  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    I thought you were going to report that support for the flaggers is flagging. LOL

  2. So once again, people who lie about the Confederate battle flag are going to assemble and lie some more. No surprise there. Let’s guess how small the crowd will be as well as how old the average will be.

    Meanwhile in my history class, the facts will be given to students so they can make up their minds. I have a feeling that seeing the flag used in conjunction with segregation and discrimination has already had an impact upon them.

    1. More to come. Last night’s local news reported the estimate of attendance at the Gettysburg event will be about 20 people at this point. This far out, though, I don’t think we should read anything into that.

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