Harrisburg’s Mayor Upset With the Museum and the NRA

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse is sticking his foot in his mouth again.

We have this story about the mayor being upset because the National Rifle Association gave a $25,000 grant to the National Civil War Museum.

You see, he wanted that money for Harrisburg, but he acted like such a jerk toward the NRA that they did not provide their traditional $50,000 grant to the city in return for city police working at the Great American Outdoor Show.

Instead, the NRA gave $25,000 to the National Civil War Museum to pursue educational goals, and in this case it would involve firearms education, which is directly in line with the NRA’s educational goals. According to NRA Spokesperson Kyle Jillson, “After talks broke down with Mayor Papenfuse, the National Civil War Museum was one of several organizations that came to us with excellent plans on promoting firearm education and safety and were ultimately awarded grants.​”

The museum just opened a new exhibit, called “Guns and Lace,” using the funding the NRA provided. According to museum CEO Wayne Motts, “Obviously, these weapons and the apparel that’s worn during the Civil War fits right in with our educational mission.” In addition, Capital Area Transit will provide free bus shuttle service from the Great American Outdoor Show to the museum, further enraging Hizzoner.

Video here.



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  1. History museums always have a hard time with getting funding from cities. I worked the Regional History Museum in Chattanooga for 9 years. It was a yearly worry. Even when money was flowing like Coca-Cola to the riverfront.

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