Update on Racial Intimidation Attempt in Montgomery

According to this story, the racist groups in Alabama who planned to try to intimidate black students at Alabama State University by placing a confederate flag, the symbol of racial oppression, across the street from the university’s entrance announced they will no longer be doing so.

Did they have a conversion? Are they not really racists and they suddenly realized the import of what they were doing? No. According to the group’s spokesperson, “The location was unusable due to power line proximity.”

So apparently, not only are they racists, but they’re also stupid because they announced they would place the flag in a location they had not previously seen.

She once again claimed they did not intend to “agitate” the students at the university. Sure. And I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Denying the role of slavery, she said people should “go to history ‘and learn from the source.’ ” Okay. Let’s take a look at why Alabama wanted to be independent of the United States:

Whereas, the election of Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin to the offices of president and vice-president of the United States of America, by a sectional party, avowedly hostile to the domestic institutions and to the peace and security of the people of the State of Alabama, preceded by many and dangerous infractions of the constitution of the United States by many of the States and people of the Northern section, is a political wrong of so insulting and menacing a character as to justify the people of the State of Alabama in the adoption of prompt and decided measures for their future peace and security, therefore:

Be it declared and ordained by the people of the State of Alabama, in Convention assembled, That the State of Alabama now withdraws, and is hereby withdrawn from the Union known as “the United States of America,” and henceforth ceases to be one of said United States, and is, and of right ought to be a Sovereign and Independent State.

Sec 2. Be it further declared and ordained by the people of the State of Alabama in Convention assembled, That all powers over the Territory of said State, and over the people thereof, heretofore delegated to the Government of the United States of America, be and they are hereby withdrawn from said Government, and are hereby resumed and vested in the people of the State of Alabama.

And as it is the desire and purpose of the people of Alabama to meet the slaveholding States of the South, who may approve such purpose, in order to frame a provisional as well as permanent Government upon the principles of the Constitution of the United States …

So it had nothing to do with slavery, eh? If we “learn from the source,” we learn it most certainly did have a great deal to do with slavery.



  1. Scott Ledridge · · Reply

    To which the neo-Confederate response would be “nuh-uh”… Oh, and something about the victor writes the history and government schools.

    Seriously, they have no new material.

  2. Those darn facts again. I am now prepared for a response from certain persons whose actions resemble a river in Egypt.

  3. Somewhere along the line, the heritage crowd conflated “honoring our ancestors” with “giving the big ‘eff you’ to the world.” At this point, the latter approach seems to be driving their words and deeds, no matter how often or vehemently they cite the former. I’m not entirely sure when this change happened, but the first I-95 highway flag in 2013 was certainly a milestone in the process.

    This approach, and using the Confederate Battle Flag as an instrument of retribution, as an instrument of punishment, as the Virginia Flaggers have been doing at Danville, sullies an emblem that these folks supposedly hold sacred. They’ve turned their beloved Southern Cross into the vexillological equivalent of a smoldering bag of dog excrement, to be left on someone’s doorstep. And every time they pull a stunt like this, they further distance themselves from the rest of the community.

    Have at it, clowns.

    1. Ah, another stupid, lying neoconfederate troll.

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