Confederate Heritage Racism Strikes Again

We get this story from Alabama. Three groups of racist confederate heritage advocates have announced plans to try to intimidate African-Americans at Alabama State University, the oldest historically black state-sponsored university in the United States, by placing a monument to the racial slavery-based confederacy complete with a prominently displayed confederate flag, the symbol of racists across the USA.

Some members of the group disingenuously claimed their purpose was not to antagonize, but the fact that claim is a lie is borne out by the cheers the group let out when the location for their racist monument, across the street from Alabama State University, was announced.

A spokeswoman for the group claimed she wasn’t a racist because she’s a Christian. It’s been my experience that if you feel the need to claim you’re not a racist, you probably are, and if you feel the need to proclaim you can’t be racist because you’re a Christian, you’re probably a racist and not a very good Christian.

Black lives have never mattered to these people, still don’t matter to these people, and probably will never matter to these people. That’s what the confederacy has always been about–subordinating black people.


One comment

  1. “Jones said her group received international interest from people in England, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.” – Of course.

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