Another Confederate Flag Thug

We have this story from Gardner, Kansas. It’s a case of another student thuggishly displaying the confederate flag.

“Travis Schwab, the student’s father, said his 16-year-old son was just embracing his family’s history. ‘He didn’t mean to disrespect anybody,’ he said. ‘He was doing it because we have family that has fought on both sides of the Civil War and he just recently learned about it.’ ”


“Travis Schwab said the flag was only up for 48 seconds in the school cafeteria, but it was long enough to leave a mark on students like senior Derricka Henson. ‘I was really upset,’ she said. ‘It kind of did hurt us.’ … ‘I have an ex-girlfriend who is, you know, black, and she hates stuff like this,’ said Gardner resident Cody Stackhouse. ‘This kills me.’ ”

The school district is investigating the incident and the student was suspended. Let’s see if he learns.

I wonder if the school is using this as a teaching moment to talk about the flag and what it represents.


One comment

  1. Charles Persinger · · Reply

    If the Schwab’s want to “embrace their family’s history” they need a flag that doesn’t have a logo on it. How disrespectful!!!!

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