The Heritage of Hate Strikes Again

We get this story from Prophetstown, Illinois of someone “celebrating” his “southern heritage” by being an obnoxious brat.

Chris Kulla, a sophomore at Prophetstown High School, celebrates his “southern pride” by wearing confederate iconography on his clothing in violation of the school’s dress code. Kulla claims, “wearing his Southern pride on his sleeve hasn’t bothered any fellow students.” So the reporter asked his fellow students. “Dontae Johnson, a 16-year-old junior and one of two black students among the 282 kids enrolled at the school, said he and other students are both offended and distracted. Johnson has a math class with Kulla, and said he’s told him that his words and actions are offensive, but that the behavior persists. He said he also has told Principal Joshua Johnson, who has given Kulla at least 10 suspensions, in Kulla’s estimation. Kulla also admitted to yelling at the administrator, which earned him a half-day out-of-school suspension.”

How does Kulla explain the number of suspensions? “We’re a stubborn family. We don’t listen too well.” His classmate, Dontae Johnson, is more adult about it: “At that point, it’s you taking yourself away from your education, not anyone else taking you away from it, and you’re taking education away from the rest of us.”

Does this prime example of confederate heritage care? Of course not. “Following a recent run-in with Principal Johnson for wearing clothes bearing the flag, Kulla showed up for the next math class with mini-flags in his pocket and proceeded to wave them, Dontae Johnson said.”

Dontae isn’t the only student who has a problem with Kulla’s boorish behavior. “Dantae’s classmate and best friend since preschool, Kanyon Crady, 17, said he’s seen Kulla use the Confederate flag to antagonize Johnson many times. ‘It’s a symbol of hate that’s offensive to people,’ Crady said. ‘If I were to wear a shirt to our school saying ‘Black Pride’ or a ‘Black Panthers’ shirt, that would be a huge deal,’ Johnson said.”

Kulla’s family moved to the area in may, and Kulla said, “he and his brothers – two of whom attend the high school – wear Confederate flag apparel to school with regularity. In fact, they’re planning to wear them to school today, and then to the school board meeting that night – along with at least 10 other students.”

The principal is standing his ground, which Johnson appreciates. “Johnson said he rarely saw the Confederate flag in the school before Kulla’s arrival. And since, he said many other Tampico students have rallied by wearing clothes bearing it and even guarding Kulla from administration and law enforcement when officers have been on campus and have tried to intervene.”

So what do we have here? We have a young white man who deliberately attempts to antagonize black students with confederate iconography, and thus far disciplinary suspensions have had no effect on him. He continues to act like a thug, disrupting the education process in the school.

Perhaps expulsion is in order in this case. The individual obviously is incapable of learning, as we find with most confederate heritage morons. So it’s wasting time and resources on an idiot who can’t learn.

There’s a saying that you can’t teach a pig to sing. That metaphor fits this situation.




  1. bob carey · · Reply

    In a way I feel sorry for this little jerk, this kid is going to ruin his life over a symbol of a country that ceased to exist 150 years ago. Sit his kid down, along with his parents, and explain to them that the CBF was surrendered by R.E. Lee, and if a hero of Lee’s stature saw fit to surrender then its high time that he did.
    When this doesn’t work expel the kid.

    1. That’s reasonable, Bob, but I fear he’s a “lost cause.” [See what I did there? 🙂 ]

    2. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

      The real failure here is with the parents. How did the kid survive 10 suspensions and live another day? What is even more distressing is the “support” that has been garnered by the ten other kids willing to display that wretched symbol to the board meeting.

      1. The parents obviously encourage the kid. He’s now fully formed and won’t change.

  2. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

    What are the odds the antagonist’s parents are part of the problem? If they are determined their children are to ignorant and that they should be racists, then the child is only carrying out what he is taught by ignorant people who are just as much at fault. You can teach them history, but you can’t make them believe in reality when they are determined to be ignorant and racist.

    1. The odds, of course, are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1 in favor of the fact they are the problem. I think, though, it’s too late for this kid.

    2. What are the odds the antagonist’s parents are part of the problem?

      In statistical terms, the probability of that approaches 1.

      The last cause célèbre like this was a young woman in South Carolina who was depicted in “heritage” circles as an innocent kid who only wanted to honor her Confederate ancestors. In fact, she spent literally years, egged on by the odious Kirk Lyons, H. K. Edgerton, Ron Wilson, and Michael Givens, deliberately provoking school authorities until eventually she was suspended, which triggered the lawsuit they’d wanted all along. Which, after seven years of litigation and thousands of dollars, they lost. She was just the means to do it.

      1. All I can say is “Yep.”

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