The Complicated History Of The Confederate Flag | Time Capsule

This is an excellent short discussion about the confederate battle flag, including some outstanding commentary by historian John Coski.

The video’s description reads, “The confederate flag is a controversial symbol. What it means has changed over time and can depend on who you are and where you come from. And to further complicate this, there wasn’t just one confederate flag–there were dozens–and the flag we’ve come to know as the confederate flag has a history as complicated as it is contentious.”

It comes to us from “Good Stuff.”




  1. It is refreshing to read the truth by unbiased historians.
    None can say it better than the actual participants.

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Yup. That’s the whole issue in a nutshell. Two of John Coski’s comments are at the very center of the discussion. “A symbol for a state … should be one that is acceptable to the vast majority of its citizens.” And … “The people who believe that it means heritage are the ones who should be in favor of restricting its use. If you really believe that it’s a flag of heritage, then you should be leading the charge to make sure that it is only used in the context of unambiguous history and heritage.”

  3. Very nice. Very objective. Man I live so close to this museum I could go anytime.

    1. It’s an outstanding museum, and there is quite a bit to see.

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