But It’s Not Racist

We have this story out of Florida.

Susan Thompson was an employee of the Jacksonville, Florida office of the Army Corps of Engineers. She’s white. She had an argument with a black co-worker. In June, after that confrontation and a continuing contentious relationship between the two, she printed out an image of a confederate flag and placed it on that co-worker’s desk. During interviews about the incident, she lied about it twice. She then resigned and admitted to the act. She’s now pled guilty to lying to Federal investigators and faces a 5-year prison term.

The two “frequently fought at work,” and she now admits to placing the confederate flag image on that black co-worker’s desk. But she says it wasn’t racially motivated.

Riiiiiiiiiight. And I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you can purchase for a reasonable price. Why else would she put a confederate flag on the desk of a black co-worker with whom she had frequent fights? Oh, she was trying to honor the co-worker’s southern heritage?

The confederate flag is still the #1 go-to symbol of racial intimidation–for a very good reason: that’s its “heritage.”


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