The Confederate High Tide

Here’s Professor Mary DeCredico delivering a lecture in her Civil War History class at the United States Naval Academy. The students are engaged, which is a credit to her as well as them. I had several cringes on things she said during the lecture, but overall it was okay. I think she listened to Shelby Foote too much.

From the video’s description: “Professor Mary DeCredico teaches a history course on the Civil War at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. In this lecture, she focused on early Confederate victories leading up to the year 1863, which is considered by many to be the military ‘high-water mark’ of the South.”

There are also some problems calling 1863 the “military ‘high-water mark’ of the South.” The battles of 1864 sure don’t make it seem that way.



  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Yes, I cringed a few times, too. Haven’t seen an overhead projector in years. I didn’t think anybody still used them today, especially at a major university, given all the new computer-driven technologies. All my years in teaching, I never had a class snap to attention when I entered the room. LOL

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Oops. John Buford’s cavalry at GB was not armed with Spencer repeaters but with single-shot Sharps carbines. Only two units had Spencers — the 5th and 6th Michigan cavalry in Custer’s brigade. And they were Spencer rifles, not carbines.

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