Election of 1860 and Secession

Here’s one of my favorite historians, Professor Susannah Ural of the University of Southern Mississippi, showing off the southern accent that Northern girl has acquired while living in Hattiesburg and talking about the relation of the 1860 Election to secession.

The video’s description reads, “University of Southern Mississippi professor Susannah Ural teaches a course on the history of the United States from its founding to 1877. In this lecture, Professor Ural focuses on the presidential election of 1860 and subsequent secession by the southern states.”

As usual, Professor Ural does a great job with this lecture.



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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Sorry, have to disagree with you on this one. Probably good for college students who know little or nothing about the CW but I was frankly bored and turned it off after about 8 minutes. Dates, names, events — and “there’ll be a quiz on Friday.”

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