Guerrilla Warfare in the Civil War

Here’s Megan Kate Nelson in a lecture at Brown University on Guerrilla Warfare in the Civil War. She does a really good job except for her pronunciation of John S. Mosby’s last name. She pronounces the “o” as in “Moslem” when it should be pronounced as in “motel.”

The video’s description reads, “Brown University professor Megan Kate Nelson talked about guerilla warfare in the American Civil War. Guerrilla warfare is largely characterized by its tactics, including ambushes and surprise raids of unsuspecting troops and towns. She said there were bands of guerrilla soldiers fighting on both the Union and Confederate sides during the Civil War. These small bands of men on horseback were very nimble and difficult to capture, especially Confederate guerrillas who often did not wear uniforms and blended back into the population after an attack.”

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