The Truth About Confederate Heritage People

They put their racism on display, such as here:

DixieOutRacist1-A DixieOutRacist1-B

and here:

DixieOutRacist2-A DixieOutRacist2-B

They show stupidity, here, such as calling a Southern girl a “Yankee,” among other examples of their stupidity seen here. I especially like the fact that the idiots have no clue about what the First Amendment says. And they are too dumb to see the irony in their claiming someone else needs a history lesson:

DixieOutStupid-1 DixieOutStupid-2 DixieOutStupid-3 DixieOutStupid-4 DixieOutStupid-5 DixieOutStupid-6

I wonder if some of that could be considered them threatening her. Anyway, this Einstein deserves a second look. I guess he got this from a coloring book:


You can’t underestimate these people’s stupidity, folks.

Or their dishonesty, such as here, where we have one person suggesting the rest of them participate in an online poll and lie about where they live, pretending they live in San Diego:


That’s why these people are low.


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