Family is Tired of SCV Lies

The family of Creed Holland, an enslaved man whose labor was exploited by the confederates during the Civil War, is tired of the constant lies coming from the Sons of Confederate Veterans. See the story here. In 2002, the SCV fooled his descendants into believing he was a soldier, and they allowed the SCV to place a confederate marker on his grave. Four descendants even joined the SCV and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Since that time, though, they’ve seen through the deception. All but one descendant are no longer members of these organizations, and they’ve removed the confederate marker from his grave.  His great-grandson, William Holland, “questions whether Creed Holland actually served in the war. … He has doubts for several reasons. None of his family members have any information about Creed Holland’s service — no one ever talked about it. When he filed paperwork for his pension, the pension clerk wrote back seeking additional information about his service. Creed Holland couldn’t read or write, so he wouldn’t have been able to fill out the application on his own. If he had received pension money, it would have been life-changing, yet he struggled financially. Even if he did serve, William Holland doubts his great-grandfather ever received a pension.”

William Holland has issues with the SCV itself as well. “William Holland doesn’t feel that the Sons of Confederate Veterans are willing to acknowledge the role that slavery played in the Civil War, or give black members of the group an opportunity to share their heritage. He wants the Sons of Confederate Veterans to ‘tell people the truth.’ [good luck with that, Mr. Holland] Holland said he’s frustrated when SCV members say that the Civil War was about states’ rights. States’ rights and slavery went hand in hand, Holland said. He wishes they’d tell the truth, acknowledge what happened and apologize. He feels the organization is using his brother as a prop and wants him to leave the organization.”

The SCV, of course, is continuing to lie, claiming slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War. They’re even threatening to call the county sheriff, claiming the FAMILY of the man desecrated his grave by removing the desecrating marker. It seems there is no depth below which this group will sink.





  1. BorderRuffian · · Reply

    What William Holland said in 2002-
    “Holland called his ancestor’s service–albeit forced–a point of immense pride.”
    Daily Advocate (Stamford, CT), July 28, 2002

    …and the Holland family sought out the SCV – not the opposite.


    “William Holland doesn’t feel that the Sons of Confederate Veterans are willing to acknowledge the role that slavery played in the Civil War….”

    So after 13 years he’s just now finding out that the SCV doesn’t focus on that issue the way leftist academics do?


    “Looking back, William Holland thinks the 2002 ceremony was a public relations opportunity for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy. [-Black people joining the SCV or UDC is a newsworthy item] ‘They were happy to get African-American members in their group,’ he said. ‘They were just using it as a publicity stunt.’ ”

    And who sought media attention this time? The Hollands.

    1. As usual, you’re wrong, and your despicable attempt to frame Mr. Holland as a publicity hound is further proof how low confederate heritage people really are.

      The truth is the SCV sought out the Holland family, as the actual story reveals. [another paper’s coverage is here] Mr. Holland, in researching Creed Holland, spoke to a descendant of the white Holland family who had enslaved Creed Holland. It was an effort to learn more about his ancestor’s life. She then went to the SCV, and they went to Mr. Holland’s brother and eventually Mr. Holland. Using the normal confederate heritage tactics, you took a small part of the story out of context to make it seem what it wasn’t.

      The SCV themselves admit in the story why they want to use African-Americans and exploit them: “Obviously we’d like to have more black or minority members because the fact that we have minorities and welcome them deflects some of the criticism we seem to get, primarily because of the battle flag.” So the only reason they want African-American members is to deflect criticism. They want to use African-Americans just as their enslaving ancestors wanted to use African-American labor in the past–for their own advancement.

      The Hollands have seen through the SCV.

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