Civil Liberties and Treason During the Civil War

Here’s Christopher Newport University Professor of History Jonathan White talking about Treason and the American Civil War, including the case of John Merryman, subject of the Federal Case, Ex Parte Merryman dealing with Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of the privilege of habeas corpus. The video’s description reads, “American Studies Professor Jonathan White looks at Civil Liberties and Treason during the Civil War.
This hour and fifteen minute class took place at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia.”

There are a couple of minor factual problems. For example, I wouldn’t call Ambrose Burnside a politician before the war, since he ran for office one time and lost prior to the war. He successfully ran after the war, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say he was a politician before the war. Notwithstanding minor factual quibbles, I think this is an excellent lecture.


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