Evolving Nature of the Civil War

Here’s Professor Stephen Engle of Florida Atlantic University talking about how the Civil War evolved during the four years of the conflict. I disagree with his comments about West Virginia, and I don’t think he was correct when he claimed the Constitution prevented enlistment of black soldiers in the Union Army, but otherwise it’s an excellent presentation. I think he makes an excellent observation when he says the allegedly state rights confederacy used a centralized government-based conscription, whereas the supposedly centralized government United States used a state rights-based plan for its conscription implemented a year after the confederacy.

The video’s description reads, “Stephen Engle talked about the evolving nature of the Civil War. He spoke about President Lincoln’s decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation in the middle of the war, and to use former slaves as troops, and how these ideas changed the Civil War from a fight to preserve the Union to one about abolishing slavery.”



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