1861 Washington Peace Conference

This is author Mark Tooley talking about the early 1861 peace conference in Washington, an attempt to head off the Civil War.

The video’s description reads, “Mark Tooley talked about the background and goals of the various peace delegates who met in Washington, D.C., in 1861 to try to avert the Civil War following Abraham Lincoln’s election. Mr. Tooley is the author of The Peace That Almost Was: The Forgotten Story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference and the Final Attempt to Avert the Civil War.”



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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    This one leaves me wanting much more. He does not mention Crittenden, anything about the various proposals or what happened to them later in Congress. His story seems to be nothing more than a series of asides, little jokes and cutesy happenings. Sorry, not much meat to this one.

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