Flaggers Publicize Their Failures

In the wake of the Danville City Council removing the confederate flag from in front of the Sutherlin Mansion and passing a resolution forbidding all flags except the American Flag, the Virginia State Flag, a city flag, or the POW/MIA Flag from all city-owned flag poles [story here], the pro-racist banner group, Virginia Flaggers, is publicizing their complete and abject failure to arrest or even slow down the retreat of confederate iconography in the Old Dominion. One of the spokespeople of the racist group said, “We told the city council, ‘please don’t do this, don’t dishonor the veterans’ [sic], and they say they’re going to do it.” That person continued, “We said ‘well, we will pepper the city with flags.’ [sic] I think we have lived up to our word on that . This is another example. You slap us in the face, this is what happens.”

So they failed to convince the city council to leave the flag up and the city council doubled down and prohibited confederate flags as well as any flags other than US, state, city, or POW/MIA flags on city flagpoles. They claim they’ve responded. How so? They’ve erected a confederate flag on private property along the Danville Expressway. That, I suppose, is what the spokesperson means by “peppering the city with flags.” One flag, according to these Einsteins, is “peppering.” No, you haven’t lived up to your word. A single flag is not “peppering the city with flags.”

As if that doesn’t make them enough of a joke, the flaggers continue advertising their failures [see here]. In their announcement of this latest welcome to racists banner, which was put up by their webmaster who claims she’s not a webmaster [some people are clueless about themselves even] the group claims, “For every flag removed, a thousand more will rise to take its place.” So let’s take a look at how they’ve done at this. They’ve lost the flag at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. They’ve lost flags in the Lee Chapel in Lexington, Virginia. They’ve lost the flag in Danville, Virginia. They’ve put up how many flags? Four? Six? Let’s say it’s six. Even if we count only three flags lost from the above, they’re 2,994 flags behind their boast.

The group is good for laughs, but not much more.


One comment

  1. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

    The only thing the flaggers are proving is their abject ignorance of history. They dishonor the confederate soldier far more than anyone else short of the open hate groups like the KKK and League of the South. Of course, since many of the flaggers either belong to those groups or support them, it comes as no surprise.

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