Montgomery County VA School Board Votes to Ban Confederate Flag

In the wake of a gang of thug students deliberately disrupting Christiansburg High School and being suspended for their boorish behavior, the Montgomery County School Board voted 6-0 to have the district draft a policy to expand the banning from school property of all clothing, jewelry, emblems, or decals, worn or displayed, that would disrupt the learning environment. This would include the confederate flag. See the story here.

This is the first step in the process of banning symbols like the confederate flag from all school property in Montgomery County.

Over twenty local folks addressed the school board on that issue in the October 20, 2015 meeting. Wayne Scales of Blacksburg said, “The schools should be a second home to our students. … How would any of us like to be in our own home and be uncomfortable?” Ron Watson of Christiansburg said, “I don’t know any black folks that’s got a Confederate flag. You call it Confederate, we call it rebel. … To us it represents nothing but hatred.”

On the side that needs to learn history, Dalton Reedy, a sophomore at Christiansburg High School, said, “When I wear my Confederate flag it represents where I come from and my heritage and my heritage is from the South. … I’m just heartbroken because people try to call me racist.” Well, that may happen when you wear a racist symbol. Another student, Christiansburg High School sophomore Noah Allif, said, “I understand that somebody might be offended by the flag, but I’m offended my heritage and my family is getting kicked around in the garbage.” Your family isn’t a flag, young man. Nice to see you acknowledge the symbol is offensive; however, we see clearly you don’t care.

A decision is due either in late November or December.



  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    The headline probably should be “Montgomery County Va School Board Votes to Consider Policy Banning Confederate Flag.” They voted to draft a policy, which is a long way from actually banning the CBF or any other Confederate symbols. Drafting a policy doesn’t mean it will ever get approved. And even if it does, policies have to be backed up by administrative rules and guidelines stating just how the policy will be enforced. And eventually it will have to be included in the school’s handbook. All in all, if the Board approves a policy in December, it will be longer before the policy is translated to rules/regulations. Trust me. As a former school superintendent, I know how long it takes for such things to happen. They say the wheels of justice grind slowly. The wheels of educational policy changes move even slower than that. So slow, in fact, they almost move backwards. LOL Don’t take me wrong. I think they are doing the right thing. If you want to fly the CBF from the back of your old pickup or on a flag pole in your front yard, that’s fine with me. But there is simply no place for the CBF anywhere near state or county buildings including courthouses and schools except a museum or historic site. Dead, done, gone. And that’s the way it should be.

    1. They voted to call for a policy that would result in banning the confederate flag on school property. If they didn’t want to ban the flag, they wouldn’t have called for the policy.

      But yes, this is only the first step, and there is much to do before the ban actually takes place.

  2. As always thanks Al.
    Your passion and objective expertise is to be congratulated.
    People have tried to sanitize history and revise it to fit their view of what “they” think their history and heritage was all about concerning the Civil War and the many issues connected to it.
    I have always wondered how the conversation would go listening to someone trying to defend the institution of slavery, secession over slavery, treason, denying civil rights, lynching’s, the KKK and Jim Crow just to mention a few facets of what the Confederate cause and symbols have been connected to the last 150 years to their children.

    Oh I forgot they don’t! They revise and dress it all up in claims of “states rights” and heritage.
    One that is most laughable is when they claim the flag is about “freedom.” I believe you educated folks call that a oxymoron.

    Thanks again Al for helping take the lens of revisionism off of this subject with such objective clarity and letting contextual facts left in place reveal their true meaning to anyone wanting to use a critical thinking.

    Keep up the good work I always look forward to reading your thoughts on these issues.


  3. And yet somehow it is quite easy for everyone to casually ignore the laughable hypocrisy of the colonists when they incessantly whined that their rights were being infringed by the Crown, and yet they themselves were inflicting the most sadistic human right abuses imaginable on the Africans they trafficked. So I guess the most laughable claim is that the American flag is a flag of freedom. To me, it has always been the flag of the slave-traffickers. Talk about revisionism and sanitizing history.

    As for “treason”, the United States was founded upon it.

    1. Another one who has no understanding of what’s being discussed.

      But let’s take a look at this silly post.

      If the American flag has always been the flag of slave traffickers to you, then perhaps you should have moved to another country years ago. But you didn’t. I think you’re lying about that, which means you’re a confederate heritage drone.

      US-flagged vessels participated in the slave trade for only 24 years. In that time, the best estimate we have is that they transported only 0.6% of the enslaved people brought from Africa to the Americas, according to Philip D. Curtin, The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census, Table 73 p. 248. So the American Flag flew over only a tiny number of slave ships for a short time, and the slave trade was a tiny portion of American shipping. Anyone who thinks this tiny amount means the American Flag is the flag of slave traffickers is an idiot. That also means you’re a confederate heritage drone.

      The US Navy helped to suppress the Atlantic Slave Trade, meaning more US-flagged vessels were used to stop the slave trade than participated in the slave trade. That means that the American Flag is far more a flag of freedom than a flag of slave traffickers, as anyone who isn’t an idiot would realize.

      The victory of the forces carrying the US Flag ended legal chattel slavery in the United States, meaning the American Flag is far more a flag of freedom than a flag of slave traffickers, as anyone who isn’t an idiot would realize.

      The United States was not founded on treason against the United States.

      I await your next pitiful attempt to troll.

    2. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

      I love how the heritage crew knows so little about history. Trying to say the Revolution was comparable to the Civil War is hilarious and shows just how little they know about either event. They were extremely dissimilar. We’ve shown this time and time again, yet here is yet another idiot popping up (or maybe the same idiot with the same garbage) spewing the lies again.

      What this really shows is how desperate the heritage types have gotten. Their BS myth about the lost cause of the Civil War can’t stand on its own, so they are now trying to use the Revolution to justify their beliefs. That too falls on its face.

      Here’s the funny thing. The majority of people rejected the rationale of the secessionists when they tried to justify their secession by using the Revolution in 1860/61. They knew it was nothing but a lie then. Guess what? It is nothing but a lie now.

      1. They are, after all, the heritage instead of history crowd. And yes, it’s the same idiot. He thinks he’s a lot more clever than he is.

        1. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

          Different day, same statements. He really needs to update his Handbook of the Lost Cause, but then every new edition just says the same thing. It is interesting when I run into students who believe the causers. They have this look of disbelief on their faces when I show them the actual documents from the past. Then that look begins to change over time as they realize they’ve been lied to. From that point it is pure anger towards those who lied. I run into very few like our drone here that refuse to consider facts. Usually those types don’t even bother with college because they are not willing to learn in the first place.

          1. Most people have the ability to learn and the intellectual integrity to see if they’ve been wrong and change their position to conform to actual facts. Neoconfederates don’t have either.

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