Heritage of Hate Strikes Again

Park officials at Stone Mountain, Georgia have plans to erect a monument to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on top of the mountain. Predictably, the confederate heritage movement people have problems with it. And their problems are expressed in their own racist way. What do you expect from that crowd anyway? We have word that some Civil Rights activists are opposed to the plan as well, saying a memorial to slave-owning confederate traitors doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a memorial to Reverend King. Well, I have to admit, they have a point.

Kevin Levin and Brooks Simpson have posts highlighting the ugly racism behind the confederate heritage movement here and here.

So when they claim their aim is heritage, not hate, remember their heritage consists of hate. And when they say racism has nothing to do with it, they’re lying.

I’m sure there must be some neoconfederates somewhere who aren’t racists. I just haven’t found any yet.



  1. I’m sure there must be some neoconfederates somewhere who aren’t racists. I just haven’t found any yet.

    You haven’t looked very hard Al.

    1. Au contraire, mon ami. I’ve been engaging with neoconfederates since the 1990s, and have seen thousands doing their thing online, including groups to which you belong which have comments such as this and this.

      Thank you for your service to the United States.

      1. Thanks Al
        I knew you would jump on my comment, thats why I made it, but you must admit that is a pretty funny statement especially if you know it’s not true. Have you every attended a SCV meeting and engaged with the members? Believe me there are plenty of racist in most groups in the US. And thank you Sir for your service I understand you are a retired AF COL very commendable.

        1. Thank you, I am.

          Not every member of the SCV is a neoconfederate. And no, I haven’t attended an SCV meeting.

          1. Roger Sir I am very defensive of the South and my ancestors [edit] You and I will always disagree about those 4 years in the 1800’s. I had family on both sides of my family who fought for Southern Indenpendece be it right or wrong, but always remember it they had won we would not be having the conversation “maybe”.
            Please make ever effor to attend a SCV meeting it may confirm you beliefs or it may give you a different take on things any way it can’t hurt. If you are ever in Mississippi you can be my guest at a meeting.

          2. I edited the comment because I’m not really interested in discussing personalities. As far as I can remember I’ve not written anything about you before.

            We’ll never know what would have happened if they had won. There may not even be a United States today if they had won. We might even all be speaking German or even Russian today if they had won. The possibilities are endless. What we know for sure is that millions of African-American men, women, and children would continue to be held in slavery for far longer than they were in the actual timeline. And they didn’t fight for southern independence. They fought for confederate independence, which was needed to perpetuate race-based chattel slavery, against the loyal states of the United States, an entity which included many thousands of southerners. South does not equal confederate and confederate does not equal south.

            Thanks for the offer.

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