Busting Myths

Neoconfederates peddle a boatload of myths. Sometimes it seems like their full-time job.

Slate’s Jamelle Bouie and Rebecca Onion wrote this article busting some myths about slavery they’ve encountered. These myths have been busted elsewhere as well. Longtime readers will remember I busted the Anthony Johnson myth here. Kevin Levin has been all over the black confederate myth. Many of the rest have been addressed here and elsewhere. But it’s great to have them consolidated into one article.

These myths and others continue to be spewed by neoconfederates and others who don’t have a clue about actual history, such as here. Kelly’s myths were addressed here and here.

Almost a year ago I addressed the myth that Congress made confederate veterans American veterans [see here]. This was addressed again in this article, which links to Andy Hall’s blog post on the subject.

Neoconfederates will continue to peddle their lies, but we’ve got the historical evidence to counter them.



  1. Pat Young · · Reply

    The authors engage in myth making themselves in equating “slavery” with 19th Century race-based chattel slavery as practiced in the United States.

    1. I think they were very clear they were talking about race-based chattel slavery practiced in 19th Century United States, Pat.

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