Virginia Flaggers Show the World They’re Stupid

Saturday, September 19, was the first day of training for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Road World Championships, “cycling’s pinnacle event.” It’s covered by over 500 media outlets around the world and broadcast to over 300 million people around the world. This year it’s being held in Richmond, Virginia.

And what do the Virginia Flaggers do with this global audience? What they usually do. They show how stupid they are by showing spelling simple English words is beyond their tiny intellects as well as showing the world they honor people who fought to perpetuate slavery.


Leave it to the flaggers to Tripp themselves up consistently.





  1. I almost sent you a video loop I’d shot of the overflight. They even had a chase plane to shoot their own video of their aerial adventure. It was quite the spectacle, and embarrassment. I live adjacent to the VA Museum of Fine Arts, and they’ve always had this dream of parading their flag across the campus of the Museum as a “finger in the eye” sort of gesture–staying on the City sidewalk keeps them from being arrested. They finally did, though at 1000 feet. Now as to “heros”: maybe it’s some Greek isle in the Aegean, maybe with a temple to Hera? It’s also HUD’s online review system, but I don’t think that’s what they meant….LOL My fear is that they’ll do it each day of the cycling event, enabling all the international media presence to record their yahoo-ism for posterity. No doubt it’ll be tooted all over the Flaggers’ Facebook page.

    Glad you were all over this, Al. I had a feeling you would be.

    1. Thanks, David. Maybe they were referring to Heros von Borcke, in which case there should have been an “s” after “Matter.” 🙂

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