23 Students at Christiansburg HS Suspended Over Racist Flag


Twenty-five students at Christiansburg High School in Virginia, protesting the school’s ban on racist symbols, wore confederate flag clothing in defiance of the school’s dress code’s inclusion of a ban on racist symbols. They were told to either take off or reverse their shirts. Two students complied and the other twenty-three were given an in-school suspension in accordance with district policy for violation of the dress code. Several of these students displayed ignorant behavior and created a disturbance in the school and were sent home, some with a one-day suspension and others with a three-day suspension as a result of their disruption of the school by their ignorant behavior. See story herehere, and here.

Here’s one of the thugs getting his suspension.


Isn’t wearing the flag as a cape disrespectful? This shows the thug is basically uninformed about the flag and is simply a little brat trying to get attention.

Some of these thugs threatened to continue to disrupt the education process at the school. I wonder how many suspensions result in expulsion. The school system certainly doesn’t need ignorant, racist thugs disrupting education for students capable of learning.

Here’s a photo of a group of the thugs.


You can see one of the thugs displaying his lack of knowledge about the flag here.

More of the thugs’ stupidity, as well as an idiot parent, here.

They make the phony claim that “It’s not racist.” No, it’s not anymore racist than carrying around a flag with the N-word emblazoned on it. C. J. Johnson, a linebacker at Ole Miss, agrees that it’s the same as displaying the N-word: “It sickens me when I see (a Confederate flag) on people’s cars on campus. If you have the Confederate flag on your vehicle, you have a problem. And I don’t care if it’s socially what you believe in or it’s morally what you believe in or you’re just doing it for s—s and giggles. It’s just the fact of what it stands for. It’s almost like you might as well put a tag on the front of your car that says ‘n—–.’ That’s really what it boils down to. You might as well just put a big tag on the front of your car or hang a big flag on the back of your car and just say the N-word.” It’s good to see some folks pay attention in history class.

A teenager in Lebanon, PA was also suspended for wearing a confederate flag shirt to school, again claiming it wasn’t racist, and again supported by his clueless parent. There’s an additional story on that here. He apparently didn’t expect there would be a consequence to his violation of the dress code. If you break the rules, you have to take the consequences.



  1. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

    I always love it when the kids try to run that line, “It’s what our ancestors fought for, the right to do what we want.” No, that was during the American Revolution. The men under the CBF were fighting for the right to own human beings in bondage.

    Usually that line is accompanied by two other lines. One is you don’t know history. I love that one. The other is that the Civil War was not about slavery. At that point it is pretty obvious the person speaking is an idiot. Give them a few more minutes and the word liberal pops up along with some modern political rhetoric and you have the real reason for the use of the flag.

    We have another case here in Missouri where a kid was told to cover up the flag on his truck. He left school. His daddy is upset and of course said the lines from above.

    What I find very interesting about this is how people say kids have freedom of speech. They are unaware of Supreme Court cases that have covered this type of situation in the past. While kids do have freedom of speech, there are restrictions at schools. Using that speech to create a disturbance or to deliberately offend others is restricted.

    There are three cases where this is covered. They are Tinker v. Des Moines Indep. Cmty. Sch. Dist., Bethel School District v. Fraser, and Morse v. Frederick. Of course if you bring this up, the parents usually think it is a terrible thing and that freedom is being wiped out in America.

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    As a former school administrator, I dealt with dress code violations for a lot of years — skirts too short, tank tops showing too much cleavage, “baggy pants” shorts, off-color slogans and my personal favorite, “Big Johnson” shirts. Students were told to turn their shirts inside out, go home and change or call a parent to bring them something more appropriate. Violators were rarely suspended unless they got mouthy, flat out refused or it was a 2nd/3rd offense. Generally it’s not a really big deal. Ones like these, however, are a big deal because of their racist overtones.

  3. Al, I think George has abandoned me and instead showing lots of love towards your posts. Alas.

    Let’s remember that these “kids” are just that – kids. They are impressionable, immature, and rash. I am more curious as to what the school is now going to do to correct this atmosphere and educate the ignorant.

    1. George no doubt proves he’s a moron with every word, Rob.

      True, they are just kids. My point is that they violated the dress code, which is clear, then instead of complying with the instructions they were given they refused. Then, instead of quietly taking their in-school suspension, they disrupted the school, impinging on other students’ right to an environment conducive to learning. They acted like thugs, indicative of poor upbringing.

      1. Sure – but what will the school do now? I think that is something that needs to be addressed.

        1. I agree. They’ve already had sensitivity classes for students and staff, which also reflects poorly on the students, since they should know better.

    2. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

      Apparently he has reached the point where he is slumming on Craigslist history forums? Has he been thrown off all of the other blogs?

      I notice he didn’t bother to challenge the reasons why the students were suspended. The blindness they show to their particular symbol is amazing. I really think that if you do a little digging you will find some parents behind the school issue. It seems to be a pretty common denominator and at that point the usual statements start to be uttered like I stated earlier.

      1. I’m sure parents are behind the whole thing, Jimmy.

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