Happy Birthday to the US Air Force

Friday, September 18, 2015 is the 68th Birthday of the United States Air Force.


Check out this brand new video from the USAF Band Max Impact and crank up the volume:

Here are the lyrics:


We all wear the same color blue
We do what we do cause we know it’s true
From the planes we fly, up in the sky
To the boots on the ground, we know why
We stand together on freedom’s ride
Brothers and sisters you can never divide
Like Billy Mitchell we’ll be standing tall
Wherever the fight, we will answer the call…cause

I’m an American Airman
I’ll fight for freedom

America, the land of the free
It’s only that way cause of you and me
We stand watch in the atmosphere
Wingman warriors are always near
Makin history we raise the bar
Kinda like Hap Arnold wearin 5 stars
So listen close to what I say
It’s the USAF all the way


I’m a sentry and avenger
My nation’s sword and shield
I defend my country with my life

American Airman in the land of the free
Forever till the end I’ll defend my country
It’s in my blood and it’s who I am
And if you don’t believe then I’ll sing it again
I’ll fight for freedom yes I will


American Airman etc (shout chorus)

 Great job by TSgt Quintello, vocalist, and the rest of the band members and staff, OIC Capt. Hansen, Flight Chief CMSgt Eaton, NCOIC and vocalist SMSgt Carson, Director and Piano/Keyboard MSgt McPherson,  Guitar TSgt Geist, Bass MSgt Foster, Drums TSgt Smith, and Audio MSgt Graves.

And Happy Birthday to the United States Air Force, bringing us 68 years of AIRPOWER!


Here’s an Air Force Birthday video:

What does the Air Force’s birthday have to do with the Civil War? See here.




  1. Jim McGhee · · Reply

    I will join you, Al. I served from 1962-69, with a year in Thailand with the 8th TFW (Wolf Pack) under Cols. Robin Olds and Chappie James.

    1. Thanks for your service, Jim, and welcome home. Were you at Ubon for Operation Bolo?

      1. Jim McGhee · · Reply

        Yes, I was there. In fact I presented the intelligence portion of the pre-flight briefing. Quite a day for the wing that I will never forget.

        1. Awesome, Jim. You should contact the nearest Air Force History Office to see if they want to do an oral history interview with you.

  2. Love your 68 years of Air Power graphic – can you post a bigger version of it as it is difficult to read? Great site!

    1. Thank you very much. I’m afraid that’s as large as I can do. I pasted it in full size. Perhaps you can download it to your hard drive and zoom in with your viewer.

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