War, Memory, and a Southern Family’s Civil War Letters

Author Frye Gaillard speaks here about letters his family members in the Civil War wrote.

From the video’s description: “On the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, award-winning author Frye Gaillard reflects on the war – and the way we remember it – through the lens of letters written by his family members, including great-great grandfather, Thomas Gaillard, and Thomas’s sons, Franklin and Richebourg, both of whom were Confederate officers. To this real-time anguish in voices from the past, Gaillard offers a personal critique of the haunted identity of the South, one informed by his perspective as a civil rights journalist. Says the author, ‘my generation was one of the first to view the Civil War through the lens of civil rights – to see flaws in Southern history that earlier generations couldn’t bear to face.’ ”

The letters provide an interesting view from the time and help to connect us with the Civil War generation.


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