Confederate Displays Continue Retreating


The last battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia will no longer allow display of the confederate flag on city property, specifically on R. E. Lee’s birthday and Confederate Memorial Day. The city council is also looking into what, if anything, to do about confederate monuments and street names. Story here.

The YMCA in Charlotte, North Carolina has plans to move away a monument to the North Carolina Military Institute that displays a carving of the confederate flag. The monument was placed there in 1994 by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which raised $3,500 to place the marker there, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which placed a bronze plaque on the monument. The SCV has proposed a compromise of covering over the confederate flag carving with a display showing what the NCMI looked like. The CEO of the Y said, “As the monument is not owned by the YMCA, and it does not reference or represent the YMCA, we do not have plans to display the monument following construction.” Story here.

Judge Stacey W. Moreau ordered the removal of confederate memorabilia that had been displayed in the Pittsylvania County Circuit Courthouse  in Chatham, Virginia. The items were displayed on both sides of the entrance to the courthouse and in the future will be displayed at the Pittsylvania  Historical Society’s museum. One of the items is a recruitment poster that says, in part, “Volunteers wanted! I wish to enroll immediately 50 young, unmarried men in Company ‘A’ who will be ready and willing to defend Virginia from the Abolitionists of the North …” Story here. This follows Judge Martin Clark Jr.’s ordering a portrait of James Ewell Brown Stuart to be removed from the Patrick County Circuit Courtroom in Stuart, Virginia. Story here, editorial here.

State lawmakers in California voted to ban naming schools and other public buildings, as well as streets, after confederate leaders. “California’s proposal ‘shines the light’ on the practice of naming buildings in a way that celebrates ‘traitorous leaders’ who ‘attempted to break our nation in two to continue to enslave black people,’ said the bill’s author, state Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda).” Long Beach, CA and San Diego, CA each have a school named after R. E. Lee. The bill now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for his approval. Story here.

I suppose the response to these moves will be more rednecks in pickup trucks with confederate flags on the back driving through black neighborhoods, scaring children. Or maybe another anemic gathering of racists such as the recent pathetic disappointment in Washington, DC. Story here and here. Notice also how on the one hand they claim they aren’t racists, but on the other hand prove how they lie when they claim they aren’t racists. “Black Lives Matters is all racist. It’s all the thug life, the Bloods, the Crips, the Black Panthers—they’ve all joined [Louis] Farrakhann. They want to take down the American flag, they want to kill white people, they want to shoot cops in the back.” and “Unprompted, Feathers offered his thoughts about why ‘colored people in general’ have a ‘ghetto lifestyle.’ ‘It’s because their daddies ain’t in the picture. All these kids are latchkey kids. They’re not being taught the right way. And they only do things in groups. They’ve got so much hatred.’ ” Yeah, not much hatred with the racist proconfederate, right? It’s especially funny when they put their ignorance out for all to see: “If Robert E. Lee was alive today, this [edit] wouldn’t be going on. That’s when we had a true American in office.”

Maybe the Virginia flaggers will put up another flag on a fellow racist’s property somewhere. Perhaps Karen Cooper will be able to visit that one.

h/t to Kevin Levin for most of the news stories and John Hennessy for the editorial.


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