Trying to Indoctrinate a New Generation of Racists

Kevin Levin and Brooks Simpson both highlighted [here and here] the “Sam Davis Youth Camp” run by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

One of those overseeing the camp is Kirk Lyons, a lawyer with white supremacist connections, at least in his past. But that’s not the only red flag of racism we have.

There’s a promotional video for the camp here:

Tipped off by a comment at Brooks’ blog, I watched the video again. At the 9:27 point we see the following:




See that flag in the top left part of the screen? That’s this flag:

It’s the South African flag from 1928 to 1994–during Apartheid in South Africa.

It’s not enough for them they have a symbol of white supremacy in the US that they force kids at the camp to salute, they also have a symbol of white supremacy from South Africa.

The cultists are not only lying to kids about US History, but they’re also trying to indoctrinate the kids into their racist ideology.



  1. You don’t really see that flag much anymore.

    No, the old South African flag is not there by coincidence. A few years ago the Sam Davis Camp released either a video or a slide show promoting the camp. One showed an unidentified instructor at a lectern, next to a title slide projected on the screen, “THE BOER WAR.” That seems an odd topic for a Confederate-themed summer camp for kids in the United States, unless perhaps the subject is the plight of those noble Afrikaners. Lyons and his brother-in-law, Neil Payne, used to run an organization called the CAUSE Foundation, highlighting places where they thought the rights of white people were threatened. The name CAUSE stood for Canada, Australia, the United States, South Africa and Europe.

  2. Al knocks another one out of the park with a brilliant observation.

    Once again the subtle use of a symbol is used to push an ideology.

    Until people come to grips with this concept of white supremacy that justified their beliefs about people of color during slavery to the civil rights era this wound will never be healed.

    Read the words and perspective of the “Fire-eaters.” Read the words of Mr. Miles (designer of one of the flags) who wanted to re-open the African slave trade and you don’t have to guess how they felt about secession, slavery and the idea that they were the master race. All ordained by God and validated by their Bible.

    Brilliant Al! Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Laqueesha · · Reply

    It’s funny because even real South Africans don’t use that flag often. After the Charleston shooting, I heard one South African perplexed as to why an American would use the flag.

    1. Well, real South Africans who don’t long for the days of Apartheid don’t use it, anyway. 🙂

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