Reed Scandal Spreads to Museum Parking Lot

This article details allegations that there was some shady dealing involved in funding the National Civil War Museum’s parking lot. According to the article, $2.85 million was added to Harrisburg’s debt in 2000 to develop the museum’s parking lot. That money, however wound up in Mayor Reed’s special projects fund. It was apparently spent on some artifacts and a $400,000 payment directly to the museum. The Harrisburg Parking Authority also had to pay maintenance fees to the museum over eight years which totaled over $1 million. That made the deal worth about $4 million total.

Museum parking was originally envisioned at $5 per vehicle. The vehicle charge has never been implemented. Harrisburg’s financial recovery team terminated the deal in 2013.

There definitely seems to be something shady about the whole deal, but once again, the Attorney General’s office does not allege any improprieties in the purchase of the artifacts in the museum, and the museum is still the #1 tourist attraction in Harrisburg.


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  1. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    Glitches such as this, Al, are not uncommon with museums and other public entities, especially those with little or no oversight. Eight or nine years ago when I was working at one of the museum’s here in Grand Rapids, the head of operations hired someone (no bids) to paint two of the galleries. He later claimed that it required special skills and protective measures because of nearby artifacts and also a special paint. The paint job cost around $50,000 and he was later fired over the matter.

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