Pettigrew’s Brigade on July 3 with Ranger Philip Brown

Here’s Ranger Philip Brown on a battle walk following Pettigrew’s Brigade during the July 3, 1863 Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge.



  1. It was a very good tour/lecture. I do wish the camera would have panned back and around more so I could get a better feel for exactly where he was standing at each point. I was struck by the lack of depth of regimental commanders – I know that the ANV suffered from lack of leadership in the ranks to replace officer casualties (Gallagher had a great lecture series on the ANV command), but that seemed particularly true of Pettigrew’s brigade. Interesting stories of 20 and 21 year old guys leading large bodies of troops.

    I didn’t catch the question at around 46-47 minutes about the film Gettysburg getting something about Chamberlain wrong. I’ve read enough to know the movie did get a bunch of things wrong, but couldn’t figure out exactly what he was answering.

    He mentioned the 14th NJ Infantry and Sharps rifles – first I heard about that. Did he mean 14th Connecticut? I double checked Coddington, and he states the 14th Connecticut had some Sharps. I recall the 12th NJ (Buck and Ball regiment) being more involved (hitting Trimble’s guys) than the 14th NJ.

    1. It’s entirely possible he misspoke. The problem with delivering a presentation is that you sometimes are thinking one thing and wind up saying another. It would be nice if they would repeat the questions for the YouTube audience.

      1. Absolutely. I think we all can do and have done that – especially when giving a lecture without notes. Just for my own education, I was questioning whether it was something new about New Jersey regiments I didn’t know or if he meant the 14th CT.

        And yeah, that would be helpful. In a lecture hall, I did get in the habit of repeating a good question for the class when it came from a soft-spoken student. Although, when you hear the answer, you can make a good guess at the question… just like Jeopardy! 😉 I’m guessing the question might have been about Chamberlain being on LRT the morning of July 3 in the movie instead of [B]RT, or maybe about his conversation with Hancock before the bombardment started.

        1. What do the books tell you? 😉

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