Pennsylvania Attorney General Confirms Papenfuse Was Wrong

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse called the National Civil War Museum a “monument to corruption.” According to the office of Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, that statement was a falsehood.

The Attorney General’s office confirmed the museum’s artifacts are not part of the investigation into former Mayor Stephen Reed’s activities. Chuck Ardo, spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, said, “The artifacts at the museum had the blessing of city council.” Reporter Candy Woodall tells us, “During the course of several years prior to the museum’s opening in 2001, city council approved more than $17 million in borrowing and reserve money to be used on the Civil War artifacts.”

As the mayor continues his vendetta against history education in order to further his petty political payback against former Mayor Reed, his false claims continue to mount and continue to be shown to be nothing more than desperate fabrications.

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