Harrisburg’s Mayor Continues His Vendetta Against History Education

In light of information that shutting down the National Civil war Museum would not be so easy, and might even cost Harrisburg taxpayers a lot more money, to the tune of a possible $16.2 million, Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse is doubling down on his effort to close the museum and keep Pennsylvania school children out of that body’s outstanding history education.

He’s sicced City Solicitor Neil Grover onto the museum. When informed that the state and the IRS would have to approve, and that it’s possible the cash-strapped city would have to pay back $16.2 million if the museum closed now, Grover said, “There’s no obstacle we see as insurmountable.”

Papenfuse and Grover claim the city is footing the bill for the museum, even though that’s not the truth. The museum doesn’t collect a dime from the city.

Why is Papenfuse so focused on tearing down a bastion of historical education? A strong possibility is payback against a political rival, Former Mayor Stephen Reed. Apparently, Mayor Papenfuse had his feelings hurt when Reed was mayor. Said Papenfuse, “I don’t think necessarily everyone can fully understand the degree to which those people who spoke out against Reed, sort of at the highest of his power, were blacklisted, ostracized, and basically bullied.”

So Pennsylvania’s schoolchildren may have to pay the price in a lost opportunity for historical education because Former Mayor Reed hurt Mayor Papenfuse’s feelings?

I’m not the only one who thinks Papenfuse’s idea will hurt history education. He needs to stop this vendetta and cut his losses now. C’mon, Mr. Mayor. Who do you think you’re hurting by destroying a wonderful way to learn history? Or don’t you care?

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