2015 Sacred Trust Talks Day Three

The third and final day of this year’s Sacred Trust was Sunday, July 5, 2015. Professor Carol Reardon started things off with “Mississippians at Gettysburg: Many Faces, Many Places, Many Stories.” This was a really excellent presentation with lots of good, interesting information.

Professor Elizabeth Varon was next, speaking on “Legacies of Appomattox: Lee’s Surrender in History and Memory.” Her presentation was really outstanding.

Next up was Professor Martin P. Johnson on “Lincoln’s Journey to Gettysburg.” This was an interesting discussion of how Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address and his journey to Gettysburg to deliver the address.

Ranger Dan Vermilya was next speaking on “James Garfield and the Civil War: One Future President’s Fight for the Union.” As usual, Dan did a really great job.

Professor Douglas Egerton was next, speaking on “The Wars of Reconstruction,” an excellent talk on the postwar violence against freed African-Americans and their white allies.

Next, Professor John Marszalek spoke on “Lincoln and the Military.” This was another terrific talk.

The final presentation for this year’s Sacred Trust was William C. “Jack” Davis speaking on “Grant and Lee–The Generals Nobody Knows,” which dispelled a number of myths put out about both generals. This was really well done.

This year’s Sacred Trust was another huge success for the Gettysburg Foundation. Congratulations to Cindy Smalls and her staff for putting on an outstanding program.



  1. Pat Young · · Reply

    Thanks for posting these Al. I finally finished them, now I am on to Days 1 and 2.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them, Pat.

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