2015 Sacred Trust Talks Day Two

The second day of this year’s Sacred Trust was Saturday, July 4, 2015.

We started off with Tom Vossler on “Whose Hallowed Ground? The Farms That Became a Battlefield.” He seemed a little off in his presentation to me. He was better on a previous occasion I saw him speak. This is not to say I thought this was terrible; just a little off.

Next up was Scott Hartwig, talking about “Casualties of War.” Scott is always terrific, and this was certainly no exception.

The third speaker was Professor Martha Hodes, telling us about “Mourning Lincoln: The Assassination Beyond the Headlines.” I have to confess that before the talk I didn’t think I would like it, but it was really well done, and she had some fascinating information.

Next came Professor William Blair on “The Dirty Business of Combating Disloyalty.” This was another excellent presentation.

After that, Brian Matthew Jordan gave a wonderful presentation on “Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War.”

Next was Professor Brian Craig Miller on “Empty Sleeves: Confederate Amputees in Civil War History and Memory.” This was another surprise where I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the program but wound up really liking it due to Brian’s great presentation and the interesting information he gave us.

The last presentation of the day was Professor Jennifer Murray speaking on “From These Honored Dead: Gettysburg and World War II.” Having heard Jen speak a couple other times on the history of the Gettysburg battlefield, I knew this would be a really good presentation, and it was. We don’t normally hear how the battlefield was used after the war was over, so it’s always nice to hear about it.

This was a terrific day of excellent presentations, and we learned a great deal.


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