The Civil War in 1865

This is Aaron Sheehan-Dean’s presentation to kick off the 2015 Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College Summer Conference. It’s an excellent presentation, though he needs to be more careful in his wording of the readmittance of the states. They were not let back into the United States, since they had never left. They were readmitted to representation in Congress.

The video’s description reads: “Aaron Sheehan-Dean spoke on the events of the last months of the Civil War, the participants’ experiences, and the post-war world. He discussed the perspectives of the white southerners, the black population, the soldiers on both sides, and women and how their experiences regarding the war differed.

“ ‘Overview: the War in 1865’ was part of the 35th annual summer conference of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, ‘The Civil War in 1865,’ looking at the end of the Civil War, its aftermath, and the Reconstruction era.”


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