Politicians and History

Never, ever depend on a politician to give you accurate history. Our latest example is found here. During a debate over the confederate flag, House of Representatives Democrats put up a visual aid–a depiction of the confederate flag. Except these geniuses put up a display of a confederate flag that didn’t exist. Their imagined flag had 17 stars instead of 13 stars.

Wrong Confed Flag House Dems

Politicians don’t know accurate history and don’t care about accurate history. History is never safe in their hands. While the desire to keep the confederate flag off government property is the right desire, these Einsteins are doing damage in their fumbling around.

Never trust a politician to give you accurate history. And that goes for other disciplines as well.



  1. What is sad about this is that it is an error easily checked and corrected. Now I suppose it is possible that the flaw was noted at the last minute and there was no time to fix it, but in that case I would go with one of two options: (1) Skip the visual aid entirely (rewording your remarks as necessary); or, (2) go ahead and use it but call attention to the mistake yourself, perhaps by making a joke about it: “My apologies for getting the details wrong here, but I try not to look too closely whenever I see this flag.” The worst thing you can do (IMO) is go through with it, pretending the error is not there, because you look foolish afterwards and that is all folks will remember about your presentation. (Which is kinda your point.)

    But he’s from Brooklyn, so perhaps that explains it all 🙂

  2. It’s also upside down.

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