Civil War History and the Confederate Flag

Here’s Professor Gary Gallagher of the University of Virginia on C-SPAN talking about memory of the Civil War and the confederate flag. The video’s description reads, “Author Gary Gallagher talked about the causes of the Civil War and how perceptions of that conflict was affecting public reaction to displays of the Confederate battle flag.” This interview was held on June 30, 2015.



  1. Rosieo · · Reply

    I love the way he is unflinching and unflappable. It is what it is. Nothing else to say.

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    As most of the callers said, “I have a question and a comment.” My question is — what is the significance of the caller’s political affiliation, Republican, Democrat or Independent? Seriously. What difference does it make? And my comment. Perhaps the host (name not given) should have read a few history books on the American Civil War before doing the program. She might have been able to ask some better questions.

    1. C-SPAN always has callers self-identify so one can take the caller’s political affiliation into account when listening to their comments.

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