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Detailed Minutiae of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia

This is a book by Carlton McCarthy, who was an artillerist in the Richmond Howitzers, enlisting after his brother was killed at the 1864 Battle of Cold Harbor. After the war he was the mayor of Richmond for two terms and was the first state accountant for Virginia. You can download and read the book […]

SCOTUS Pulls the SCV Over for Speeding

In the case of Walker v. SCV, the Supreme Court of the United States weighed in on the controversy over SCV license plates bearing the image of the confederate flag. You can see stories here and here. The full opinion is here. Justice Clarence Thomas joined the four more liberal members of the Court to […]

The Civil War and Reconstruction Course With David Blight

I’ve already highlighted the introductory class here and his lecture on what caused the Civil War here. Here’s David Blight’s full course on the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Here’s your opportunity to witness a history course at Yale University.  Professor Blight has a terrific voice, but he really meanders around during his lectures and wanders down many different […]

A Soldier’s Recollections

This book by Randolph Harrison McKim contains not only McKim’s recollections of his experiences in the Army of Northern Virginia, but it also contains a load of lost cause nonsense and attempted distortions of history as McKim tries to justify the confederacy’s treason in the Civil War. The book is valuable for being the perspective […]

Chisholm v. Georgia

The citation for this case is Chisholm v. State of Georgia, 2 US [Dall.] 419. The case was argued on February 5, 1793 and decided on February 18, 1793. It was a 4-1 decision. Chief Justice John Jay, Justices Cushing, Wilson, and Blair wrote seriatim opinions, and Justice Iredell wrote an opinion in dissent. “The Chisholm […]

The South Cavalry Field at Gettysburg

On Saturday, June 13, 2015 I had the distinct pleasure of attending a tour of the South Cavalry Field and Farnsworth’s Charge with Eric J. Wittenberg. Eric is a noted expert on cavalry operations, and is a prolific historian. He’s also a terrific tour guide. Thanks to Mark of the Civil War Talk internet discussion […]

Eric Foner on the Civil War and Reconstruction Part Three

Here’s the third part of the course, covering Reconstruction.  There are 71 videos in this part. The third part has two Google hangouts.  The first one is with Thai Jones and Mary Freeman of the Columbia Library talking about the primary sources used in the course. The second Google hangout is the typical one we’ve […]

“The Shape of the Civil War” – Edward Ayers

Here’s Professor Edward Ayers speaking at the University of Rochester showing examples of using digital history to visualize history.  He begins with a discussion of Scaife’s Comparative and Synoptic chart of the history of the American Civil War [see here, here, here, here, and here]. From the video’s description:  “The Distinguished Visitor in the Humanities program […]

Case Law: United States v. Corrie

The citation for this case is United States v. Corrie, 25 Fed. Cas. 658, Case No. 14,869, [1 Brunner, Col. Cas. 686; 23 Law Rep. 145] Circuit Court, D. South Carolina, April Term, 1860. South Carolinian William C. Corrie was the captain of the slave ship Wanderer. “It was charged from ‘credible information,’ that William C. Corrie, […]

Four Years in Rebel Capitals

This is a book by Thomas Coooper DeLeon, a southern playwright and author. I have to say I thought this book was a complete waste. The author comes across as one of those folks who lets others go off and fight the battles while he stays behind and goes to parties. He then writes what he […]