Aloha Friday, June 26, 2015

Here’s Danny Couch and his beautiful song, “These Islands.” If this doesn’t get you into the Aloha mood, nothing will.

The floor is yours. What should we talk about?


  1. what did you think of Hawaii native son president’s remarks at church today?
    And… keeping up on theme of today’s news: any gays in the military in 1865? ,,,,No doubt no matter their orientation, c w soldiers would be thinking the “future” (2015!) is a foreign country..

    1. I didn’t see all of the President’s remarks from today, so I can’t really comment. As to gays in the military in 1865, at least one for sure:

  2. I see as a CW student your education is comprehensive 🙂

  3. From Reuters this morning: “COLUMBIA, South Carolina – The Confederate flag has been temporarily removed from in front of the South Carolina Statehouse.

    An unidentified black woman was about halfway up the more than 30-foot steel flagpole just after dawn Saturday when State Capitol police told her to come down. Instead, she continued up and removed the flag before returning to the ground.

    The woman and another man who had entered the wrought-iron fence surrounding the flag were arrested. …”

    I’m surprised this never (at least that I’ve heard of) happened before….. seems there’d be a rash of flag takings starting way back…. very polite not to be taking it all these years…

  4. Rosieo · · Reply

    Wait! I’m wrong…. a black antiflag activist would be courting trouble with cops and others with guns. …. tho dont have to be black to get shot for activism…. I am Kent State grad and never will forget what happened there where all but one were shot in back.

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