The Civil War and Reconstruction Course With David Blight

I’ve already highlighted the introductory class here and his lecture on what caused the Civil War here.

Here’s David Blight’s full course on the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Here’s your opportunity to witness a history course at Yale University.  Professor Blight has a terrific voice, but he really meanders around during his lectures and wanders down many different tangents.

There are transcripts of his lectures here.

There are 27 videos in the course, each about 50 minutes long.  He botches a number of military aspects [It’s IED, Professor Blight, not IUD], though some of those are no doubt just misstatements while meaning to say the right words, but I give him props for making the effort and getting most of the military aspects right.  Oh, and Hannibal Hamlin was from Maine, not New Hampshire, Professor Blight.


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