Aloha Friday June 5, 2015


Here’s IZ again, singing about the iconic Hawai’ian hero, Maui.

Maui was a legendary mythical cultural hero to Hawai’ians and supposedly an ancient chief.  One day he went fishing with his brothers.  He had a magical hook that could catch anything.  His hook caught on the ocean floor.  He told his brothers he had a big fish and told them to paddle as hard as they could, and giving a mighty pull he pulled up an island.  He kept doing so until he had pulled the Hawai’ian islands up off the ocean floor.

His mother complained that the days were so short her kapa, which is a bark cloth, couldn’t dry in the sunshine.  Maui lassoed the sun and forced it to agree to have longer days in the summer and shorter days in the winter.  These are all mentioned in the song, as well as his getting the secret of fire from the alae, which is a bird.

“Maui Hawaiian Sup’pa Man”

Oh, tall is the tale of the mischievous one
Who fished out all the islands and captured the sun
His deeds and tasks I will unmask
So that you’ll understand
That before there was a Clark Kent
There was a Hawaiian Superman
He fished out all the islands with a magic hook
There would’ve been more but somebody looked
He pulled morning sky, the sun he entwined
To slow down his flight, so kapa could dry
Mischievous, marvelous, magical Maui
Hero of this land
The one, the only, the ultimate Hawaiian Supaman
Oh Maui, Maui, Maui, Hawaiian supaman
Oh Maui, Maui, Maui, Hawaiian supaman
The secret of fire was locked somewhere in time
So when the ahi died in the hale kuke, no way to re-ignite
So off he goes in search of those who hold the information
So that fire could be used by all the future generations
He found that alae held the fire connection
But his plan of deception fell short of perfection
With no other choice he had to get mean
So he squeezed alae’s throat until she screamed the secret
So it’s Aloha Friday and the floor is yours.  What do we talk about today?


  1. That’s a different (but very good) sound for IZ. I’m glad for your background explanation – I wouldn’t have gotten the references in the song without it. I’d have assumed the songwriter was experimenting with some Hawaiian mushrooms or something when he wrote it. 😉

    Sorry if I’m repeating a topic that’s already been talked to death. But in terms of exploring how lucky a break it was for the CSA that Johnston was wounded and Lee took over… how differently might have June/July 1862 gone if Mac had the opportunity to push a little farther and start siege mode? I do expect Davis might have eventually replaced Johnston with Lee if things went that far. But would he have been able to dislodge Mac as “easily” a few weeks later? Would Lincoln have been a bit more patient with Mac if he had gotten as far as putting Richmond under siege before Lee’s counterattacks?

    1. The thing about “What If” questions is that no matter what you say, you’re not wrong. I could say if Mac started a siege he would have been kidnapped by aliens and nobody can prove me wrong. 🙂

      To approach this seriously, though, in order for McClellan to start a siege of Richmond, something would have had to change. Is there no Valley Campaign to keep the Lincoln administration from denying troops to McClellan? Maybe McClellan not only besieges Richmond but takes Richmond. What happens then? Does that automatically end the rebellion? The British took Philadelphia in the American Revolution and that didn’t end the Revolution.

      1. And Napoleon took Moscow. So I agree that it’s not necessarily a done deal. There’s too many folks down there with plenty of will to fight.

        Where I’m coming from is some rethinking of my old opinions of George McClellan. Oh he had his faults alright. But what I’ve read in recent years makes me wonder if he had the right idea about some things. And if poor execution and bad luck got in the way of his strategies coming pretty close to working.

        1. I agree completely, Bert, that Mac needs to be rethought. He got a heck of a lot right, and at least some of his problems lay with the Lincoln administration meddling, especially in response to the Valley Campaign.

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