Is the Civil War the Revolution We Like to Forget?

Here’s Professor David Blight speaking at Case Western Reserve University.  As usual, he’s meandering his way around his topic and other topics as well during the lecture.  Generally speaking, he’s talking about how we remember the Civil War.



  1. Yeah. But he’s a great meanderer, ain’t he?

    1. Depends on how impatient we are for him to get to the point. 🙂

  2. Bob Nelson · · Reply

    I do not object to his meandering. Guess I’m not that impatient. I would rather listen to Blight and Gary Gallagher that any other CW historians. Interesting, perhaps to nobody but me, but I did not know that he was once (in the late 1980s) a history professor at North Central College. I graduated from NCC in 1966 with a B.M.E. (music education — clarinet major). Wish he had been there back in the 60s. Would have enjoyed having him instead of the “this-happened-on-this-date” history professors that I did have. And he’s a Tigers’ fan and an M.S.U. grad!!! Grew up in Flint. “Why is the Civil War something we still fuss about?” Great answers including (1) that 1 of 3 American can still trace their ancestry to somebody who fought in the CW; (2) the sheer numbers killed and wounded; (3) it’s an epic story, “Our Homeric tale;” (4) because somewhere along the way we learned that “modern America” began during the CW; (5) it unified the country. And I have to love his comment that Bruce Catton was the greatest story teller of the Civil War. He was!!!

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